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White Pawth

Loargann (Loar for the intimates) is a 7 years old White Swiss Shepherd, born the 14th of October 2015. He is adorable, obedient and wonderful.

The name "Loargann" came from the Breton language, a dialect spoken in Britanny (a region on the west of France). The English meaning is Moonligh and the diminutive "Loar" would be Moon.

A pic of Loar
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Loar is an official stud dog for the White Suisse Shepherd breed:

Loar is an official outcross stud dog for the Tamaskan breed:

Update: Loar is now retired.


  • Loar & Nathy mated from May the 13th to May 16th 2019 at Beauvais. The gestation was confirmed on the 17th of June and on the 13th of July, six beautiful White Swiss Shepherds puppies were born (Pom♀, Pim's♀, Perle♀, Poker♂, Peps♂ and Pepper♀). Loar and Nathy have been very complicit and they love each other very much. Those puppies are intended to be service dogs for blind people. January 2021: two are already in service, two are awaiting for validation, one will make puppies and the last one has been reformed.
  • Loar & Macy mated from March the 16th to March 18th 2020 at Paris. The gestation was confirmed on the 16th of April and on the 18th of May, five big Tamaskans boys were born (Riven♂, Mãui♂, Kiwa♂, Jason♂ et Tãne♂). Loar and Macy had a wonderful time and were very friendly todgether. This litter is Loar's first participation to the Tamaskan breed.
  • Loar & Namida mated from August the 5th to August 9th 2020 at Ober-Mörlen in Germany. Loar and Namida had such a great time during those holidays. The gestation was confirmed on the 1st of September and during the night between the 3rd and the 4th of October, ten little Tamaskans (Jaro♂, Chaska♀, Lunas♂, Tanay♂, Taya♀, Ylva♀, Lavena♀, Belana♀, Suraj♂ et Luan♂) were born. Loar and Namida are great friends and true lovers, they have been very close and very much in love. This litter is Loar's second participation to the Tamaskan breed.
  • Loar & Bayda mated from September the 16th to September 19th 2020 at Paris. During the night between the 17th and the 18th of November, six White Swiss Shepherds were born. Loar and Bayda have been very complicit together. They mated for a second litter on the 10th of October in Paris and the 2nd of December, another five pups were worn. Loar and Bayda love each other a lot.

About Loar's health

  • British Veterinary Association Dysplasia scores: Hips HD10 (Left 3, Right 7), Elbows ED0
  • White Swiss Shepherd Breed’s French Club Dysplasia scores (by the Professor Genevois): Hips HDB, Elbows ED0
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) clear
  • ​Eyes (ECVO) clear
  • No heart murmur, tested by ultrasound
  • Dwarfism: Clear
  • Coat Color Piebald - S-Locus: No piebald spotting - N/N
  • Patella Luxation: Patella "free"
  • Multi-Drug Resistance Gene MDR1+/-
  • Loar's Embark DNA test profile

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The night is peaceful, enjoy it!
Only the howls of a wolfpack are altering the calm.
They are white and bushy, follow them!

"White Pawth" is the name of our pack / family / team / band...

A picture of us
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